Democrats Are Going After Sarah Palin For Being Tied To A Firm Accused Of Bribery

( According to Sarah Palin’s most recent financial filings, she has significant links to a builder suspected of having bribed Donald Trump. Palin is now running for a seat in the House of Representatives and previously served as the governor of Alaska. Palin was forthright in her House filing disclosures, which were required in Palin’s bid for the Alaska Congressional seat left vacant after the death of former Representative Don Young. These disclosures show that Palin has a stake of at least $500,000 in El Dorado Holdings, an Arizona developer. Palin’s candidacy for the Alaska Congressional seat was prompted by the death of former Representative Don Young.

The mining company El Dorado came under scrutiny in 2019 after an official working for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in Phoenix, named Steven Spangle, claimed that a “high-level politico” working for Trump’s Interior Department had used his position to exert pressure on Arizona officials to change the permits they had issued.

Spangle stated that he was subjected to pressure from the Trump administration to reverse his judgment over the construction of 28,000 new homes in Benson, Arizona.

Spangle claims that Trump rolled him.

In May this year, the House Committee on Natural Resources sent Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice a criminal referral. The recommendation included several claims, one of which was that illegal bribery had occurred.

During her unsuccessful bid for the vice presidency, it has been alleged that Palin had a meeting with Mike Ingram, the founder of El Dorado Holdings. It is common knowledge that Ingram has provided Trump’s campaign with large financial contributions.

Palin’s stake in El Dorado Holdings should raise significant questions about what she knew about the political scheme to pressure Spangle to reverse his decision to benefit the company. These are questions that Alaskans deserve answers to before they go to the polls to elect their next congressperson.

Sarah Palin resigned her governorship in Alaska on July 3, 2009. She was forced to step down because leftists filed frivolous lawsuit after lawsuit, tying up the governor’s ability to serve the people of Alaska effectively.