Democrats Are About To Ban White House’s Latest Crack Pipe Handout

( The Democratic-controlled House is set to ban the White House’s latest crack pipe handout. Sorry Hunter.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration funded a $30 million dollar harm reeducation grant program where organizations put together a “safe smoking” kit that included crack pipes, according to the Washington Free Beacon. While then-Press Secretary Jen Psaki denied the allegations that the program supplied crack pipes, five of the organizations in Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, VA, contained the pipes.

Now, in a Democrat-sponsored bill, crack pipes will be barred from being included in federally funded mental health programs. The bill reportedly states that federal funds cannot be used to “purchase, procure, or distribute pipes or cylindrical objects intended to be used to smoke or inhale illegal scheduled substances.”

The bill then “specifically bars the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration—the same agency that oversees the White House’s controversial harm reduction program”—from distributing crack pipes.

The actions of the House are at odds with the administration given its claim that there was no plan to ever fund the distribution of crack pipes.

Maybe Hunter snuck in the Oval Office in the middle of the night to simply change some wording.

Republican Representative Kelly Armstrong told the Washington Free Beacon that Biden’s harm reduction programs do not focus on rehabilitating drug abusers but focuses on making drug-use safer.

“Stopping the Biden administration from using taxpayer dollars to buy crack pipes is a win for those of us working on commonsense criminal justice reform,” Armstrong told the Free Beacon.

The administration’s counterintuitive plan is at odds with what cities around the country are confronting, especially cities like San Francisco, which is a testament to the fact that decriminalizing drugs and making it easier to procure them only aggravates the issue. The city is inundated with increased homelessness and drug overdoses.

A group of Bay Area mothers recently put up a $25,000 billboard in the city to highlight the drug issues they face.

“My son is an addict on the streets of San Francisco,” said Jacques Berlinn, co-founder of Mothers Against Drug Deaths. “He says lately so many people are coming in and buying fentanyl to bring back to the suburbs, even high school kids are coming in to buy fentanyl,” she said.