Democrat Strategist Reveals Bad Omen For Democrats, Says It Should Be A Warning

( James Carville, a well-known Democratic political strategist, recently tore into the woke agenda that is tearing the country apart. He described “stupid wokeness” as the key reason why far-left Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe failed to win the recent gubernatorial race.

Speaking during a recent appearance on PBS News Hour, the Democratic strategist who helped President Bill Clinton win in 1992 pleaded with his party to stop the obsession with woke policies to stop a backlash.

“What went wrong is just stupid wokeness. Don’t just look at Virginia and New Jersey. Look at Long Island, look at Buffalo, look at Minneapolis, even look at Seattle, Washington,” he told PBS.

He made specific reference to the “Defund the Police” movement, as well as campaigns to remove Abraham Lincoln’s name from American schools.

“People see that,” he said, adding that Terry McAuliffe got himself tied up in this woke scandal.

Carville said that far-left activities and progressives have hijacked their agenda and have begun driving down turnout, with moderate liberals not interested in turning out to support far-left candidates.

Glenn Youngkin, the Republican gubernatorial candidate who just became the Governor of Virginia, set records for the number of votes cast for a statewide candidate in Virginia by rallying his own supporters and independents.

Carville explained how far-left radicals are “expressing a language that people just don’t use” and that we are seeing a “backlash and a frustration at that.”

No kidding.

Are moderate Democrats, or what’s left of the moderate Democrats, finally waking up to the damage being done by woke progressives?