Democrat Rep. Caught Admitting That Biden Bill Really About Climate Change

( Everybody knows that President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar “infrastructure” plan is really just an opportunity to take huge sums of taxpayers’ money to pay for radically left-wing social programs and the climate change agenda – but the Democrats won’t say it out loud.

Well, except for one.

Rep. Tom Malinowski, a Democratic congressman from New Jersey, admitting during a town hall discussion recently that the infrastructure plan is focused more on the environment and climate change.

It completely exonerates Republicans who have been accused of lying about the intentions of the infrastructure plan, and proves that it’s not a “bipartisan” plan at all.

During a “Congress in Your Kitchen” virtual town hall event on June 4, the Democratic congressman said that the plan contains measures that most Americans wouldn’t consider to be “Infrastructure” at all. He admitted it when he described why conservatives oppose the deal.

Specifically, Malinowski said that the bill “defines infrastructure more broadly” and that it contains things that “most people would not think of as infrastructure.”

He defended the bill, however, by arguing that it contains considerations that “many” Americans think it’s “really important” for the country to adopt.

That may well be true, but it doesn’t make it appropriate to include those measures in a “bipartisan” “infrastructure” budget, does it?

Despite admitting that the budget is not what it is advertised to be, Malinowski threw his weight behind the plan and said that he hopes to help the United States abandon fossil fuels and shift to clean energy – a move that, if implemented as quickly as the Biden administration proposes – would lead to a massive loss of jobs in New Jersey.

That could be significant in the 202 midterm elections, as the 7th district of New Jersey – Malinowski’s seat – is a big target for the Republicans to flip. Malinowski beat his Republican opponent Thomas Kean Jr. last year by only 1.2%.

Watch this space.