Democrat Push for Federal Control Over All Elections Is Going Nowhere

( In an op-ed at the Daily Wire, Jason Snead, the executive director of Honest Elections Project Action says that the Congressional Democrats’ federal takeover of American elections isn’t going anywhere.

Let’s hope he’s right.

The Democrats’ primary mission after retaking the Senate majority was ramming through “Voting Rights” legislation, the goal of which is to override the election laws of every state in the union and replace them with one-size-fits-all Federal voting regulations. It wildly unconstitutional. The Constitution leaves election law up to the states.

In fact, when the DNC sued Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich over the state’s voting rules barring ballot harvesting and disqualifying ballots cast at the wrong polling place, the Supreme Court found in favor of Arizona. In a July 1 ruling, the SCOTUS acknowledged the rights of states to enact reasonable voting regulations in order to preserve the integrity of the election process. In their ruling, the Court also reiterated that Federal law should only be allowed to strike down state voting laws on rare occasions.

Yet despite this, the Democrats are hell-bent on ramming through a massive federal takeover of elections which would strike down state voting laws in one fell swoop.

Republicans in the Senate blocked attempts to advance one of these bills during the summer. But Chuck Schumer plans to try again, this time offering a bill called “The Freedom to Vote Act.” In his column, Snead refers to this as “the Freedom to Cheat Act.”

And while Democrats are claiming this iteration is a “bipartisan compromise,” Snead points out that this second bite at the apple wasn’t bipartisan at all, instead, it was Democrats negotiating with themselves.

The fact is poll after poll shows overwhelming support for the election integrity measures that are being enacted in Republican states – from voter ID to limits on mail-in balloting to restrictions on ballot drop boxes and early voting. These measures enjoy majority support from the American people.

The purpose of these Democrat voting bills isn’t to stop “voter suppression.” The purpose is to dismantle every safeguard in place to ensure that our elections are fair and secure. The purpose, ultimately, is to make permanent all the loose rules that “won” Joe Biden the White House last year.

Give Jason Snead’s op-ed a read. He goes into the nuts and bolts of what specifically the “Freedom to Cheat Act” is all about.