Democrat Malinowski Stop Trading Stocks Amid Questions

( Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski of New Jersey has reportedly paused his stock trading as he waits for the House Ethics Committee to approve a plan that would see him place his assets into a blind trust, in which he won’t be able to intervene in the handling of those stocks.

It comes after Malinowski was targeted by a number of congressional colleagues who noted that his investments could pose a conflict of interest.

This sounds like Nancy Pelosi’s husband should be thinking about…

Rep Malinowski reportedly put his stock trades on pause back in May, and is waiting for the Ethics Committee to put the remaining assets into a trust, according to reports from the New Jersey Globe and confirmed by his chief of staff, who said that his account will “remain frozen” until a vote by the committee can take place.

Several complaints to the Office of Congressional Ethics have been made against Malinowski, with people claiming that he violated federal law by failing to disclose his more than 100 stock trades. Under the STOCK Act of 1978, he would have been required to disclose that information, as members of Congress may be privy to information that could assist with making more fruitful stock investments.

Under the act, every transaction over $1,000 must be filed within 30 days.

To solve the problem, the Ethics Committee – which is a bipartisan group – will need to approve his plans to use a blind trust.

While the plan to use a blind trust sounds smart, it could all be too little too late. The issue is already becoming prominent in his campaign to be re-elected in 2022 for a third term, with the National Republican Congressional Committee and his opponents branding him as “#TradingTom.”

Maybe the Republicans need to ask former President Donald Trump for some tips on coming up with more damning nicknames…