Democrat Leaders Furious At John Durham After What He Found

( Lawyers who previously represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are reportedly furious at Special Counsel John Durham, who recently revealed that the Clinton campaign paid to spy on the Trump campaign. The shocking revelation comes from an extensive investigation, which is still ongoing, into the origins of the fake accusations that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

The revelation prompted former President Trump to share a new campaign ad attacking Clinton and warning that she could face imprisonment in the future.

On Monday, Durham filed a motion about Clinton’s lawyers’ possible conflict of interest and also provided information about how the Clinton Campaign tried to obtain data about cell phone communications around Trump Tower in New York City – which was Trump’s private residence at the time.

Lawyers representing former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman responded to the motion on the same day, not just dismissing the concerns about a conflict of interest but also flat out denying allegations made by Durham. The attorneys claimed that Durham was pushing a “conspiracy theory,” despite the fact that Durham was appointed Special Counsel and has performed one of the most in-depth and accurate investigations into a political conspiracy against former President Donald Trump.

They also claimed that Sussman had no reason to believe that any data he provided to the FBI to substantiate false claims that Trump was colluding with Russia had been manipulated in any way.

Breitbart offers an extremely detailed analysis of the situation, complete with each filing, but one thing we can easily take away from this is…Clinton’s lawyers aren’t happy that Durham uncovered their (alleged) efforts to frame former President Donald Trump.

Would you expect any different?