Democrat Leader Gave Fundraiser “Passwords” To Family So They Could “Manage” It

( Democratic Rep. for Connecticut Johana Hayes is embroiled in a new campaign funding scandal, reportedly used campaign funds to pay members of her family to “manage passwords and calendars.”

According to a report by The Daily Caller, Hayes brought her children on board to her campaign, paying them over $36,000 since she took office in 2018. The report explained how by the fourth quarter of last year, the campaign fund – which is named “Friends of Johana Hayes” – paid out a total of $15,118.54 to her son since she entered Congress.

In the same period, her daughter, Asia Clermont, received a total of $21,299.03.

The payments to her children, who were both doing extremely menial jobs according to her own statement, were listed under “payroll” when filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Responding to the report by the Daily Caller, the Congresswoman claimed that her children work on her campaign legitimately and that they do “deeply important” work that includes managing her passwords and calendar.

There are literally apps that do that.

“The positions that you’re asking about are handling of my personal passwords and calendars and things that are deeply important, so to have someone stay on after the election season and have the consistency and also the truth…again, it’s not uncommon,” she said.

No, it’s not uncommon. Just ask Rep. Maxine Waters. But is it ethical?

No. The answer is no.

See the full report here.