Democrat Chuck Schumer Is “Saddened” That Pathway To Citizenship Isn’t Given To Illegals

( Far-left Democratic Senate leader Senator Chuck Schumer is reportedly “saddened” over the fact that the ruling Senate parliamentarian advised against including an extremist measure to give illegal aliens in the $3.5 trillion budget proposal.

Democrats had initially planned to include proposed legislation within the budget and pass it through the budget reconciliation process, which allows for budgets to be passed with a simple majority. House and Senate Democrats had hoped to bypass requiring Republican support for the legislation by tacking it onto the budget, but ruling Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough advised against the plan as it would fall foul of Congressional rules.

Far-left Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar previously advised the White House and Schumer to ignore the advice, but it looks as though the “frustrated” and “disappointed” Senate Leader won’t risk breaking the rules.

“Last night’s ruling was extremely disappointing,” he said. He claimed that “so many lives are at stake” but that the Democrats’ “fight continues.”

“Senate Democrats have prepared alternative proposals,” he added.

Let’s see what convoluted way the Democrats want to pass legislation without the support of Republicans this time…

President Joe Biden ran on the promise of giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship and had the Democrats got away with this cunning plan, that’s precisely what would have happened. The decision by MacDonough makes it more difficult for the Democrats to finally achieve their goal of instantly adding millions more people to their voting base.

Do you think the Democrats have ever stopped to think that the reason why they can’t get any Republican support on measures like this is that it’s just a bad idea?