Democrat Candidate Caught Deleting Tweets To Cover Up Past

( A media investigation has uncovered that New Mexico Democrat Gabe Vasquez offered a bogus name to a reporter during a Black Lives Matter protest in the summer of 2020 while ranting against police. The congressional candidate is currently hiding the evidence.

A local reporter spoke with a participant at a June 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstration in Las Cruces, New Mexico vehemently demanded that police be defunded. Over screams of “no justice, no peace,” the guy shouted, “We need significant police reform in this nation.”

According to the speaker, defending a system that favors white people over all others is more important than simply cutting funding to the police. While the interviewee described himself as “James Hall,” a “Las Cruces resident,” and covered much of his face with a hat, neck gaiter, and sunglasses, the facial characteristics he did reveal had an odd similarity to then-city council member Gabe Vasquez.

That’s because Vasquez was the interviewee, a former city employee who observed the demonstration informed the Free Beacon. Current evidence examined by the Free Beacon backs up the claim.

On June 6, 2020, Vasquez tweeted live from the event, posting first-person images along with the hashtags “BlackLivesMatter” and “Las Cruces.” Vasquez used the same distinctive teal-and-orange neck gaiter in the photograph he posted online six months later.

According to the Free Beacon, a little fly fishing shop called Where the River Runs in New Mexico sells the gaiter. The Where the River Runs founder Gregg Flores was interviewed by Vasquez on his “conservation podcast” in 2018. Vasquez, who calls himself an “avid angler,” talked of a “very wonderful journey” he had with Flores through a “project” the two had worked on together. Vasquez also regularly leaves comments on the business’s Facebook page.

Vasquez has quietly removed a significant amount of the evidence that links him to the interview about two years after the incident. This shows that the Democrat believes his passionate call for police funding to be cut will harm his campaign to unseat Rep. Yvette Herrell (R) in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District.

Vasquez’s live tweet from the rally in Las Cruces and his happy selfie wearing the same mask from the protest is no longer visible on his Twitter page. Both posts were live as of Tuesday, so the recent deletions are recent.

The Democrat has removed other social media posts linked to the demonstration and interview.


But, in a September 2020 interview, New Mexico City Council candidate Jesus Vasquez voiced a desire to reduce police spending.


The fact that he wants to obscure who he is and what he believes should be a dealbreaker for any politician.