Democrat Attorney General BRAGS About Shutting Down Gun Show In Virginia

( Virginia’s Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring bragged On Thursday about shutting down a huge gun show that was due to take place in his state. The show would have brought much-needed trade opportunities for small businesses in the state which have been impacted by lockdown regulations, but Herring celebrated shutting down the event as a victory for…well, a victory for the Democrats.

“BREAKING: I have successfully BLOCKED a massive gun show from operating at full capacity this weekend in NOVA,” he said.

“Putting hundreds or even thousands of Virginians at risk for the sole purpose of selling guns is just not worth it and I’m pleased that the Judge agreed with me,” he added.

At a time when Americans are buying guns in record numbers and far-left Democrat voters are taking to the streets to riot, Virginia’s Democrat Attorney General made it harder for people to buy guns to defend themselves.

Real nice.

The Nation’s Gun Show, which was due to hold the event, announced just hours before it was expected to take place that the attorney general told them it was a “super spreader” event and that the organizers had a “blatant disregard” for the coronavirus.

But the organizers said that they simply wanted to be given the same opportunity as Walmart, which is “right across the parking lot” from where their event was set to take place.

“If you ever go into any Walmart there is usually an average of 400 people inside at any given time,” they said in a statement. “Let’s say they’re only open 10 hours a day, that means 4,000 people per day. We are open three days and will have 4,000 people, maybe, per day which adds up to 12,000 people for the weekend.”

“That is the same number of people that went through the show in August this year, and we had a third less than that at the show in October,” they added.

If Walmart is allowed to have thousands of people browsing in its store every day, why can’t a gun show?

Given Herring is a Democrat, it’s probably because it’s….a gun show.