Democrat Announces She’s Flipping To The GOP

( Now that the Democrats have shown their true colors after just a year in the White House and controlling Congress, it seems as though more and more Democrats are jumping ship.

Not only did former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who also ran as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election, just give a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but a South Carolina Democrat council member has announced that she is officially switching parties.

Harriet Holman of Dorchester County, South Carolina, told Fox News that she will be running for re-election – but this time as a Republican.

“Some things that I had looked at, that I just didn’t agree with any longer,” she said.

Among those things was the pro-life issue, and the fact that the Democrats are pushing harder than ever to legalize late-term abortion. She also pointed out that she has always been in favor of capitalism, while the Democrats increasingly are not, and that she believes in funding the police.

There was a time in America where these ideas weren’t political or partisan beliefs…because everyone agreed with them.

“And so those things are what made me make my final decision,” Holman said.

The Democratic council member is also a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, and she said that she believes the Republican Party is going to increasingly win over African American voters.

“We’re born into families and we kind of take on the trait of what our families are, and my parents were Democrats,” she explained, adding that many of her families are now very Republican and she thinks more will make decisions like hers.

Things are getting really bad for the Democrats…and we’re only a year into the Biden presidency.