Dem Super Pac Raises 10 MILLION for New Biden Ad Campaign, As Biden…Stays At Home

(PatrioticPost.Com)- A pro-Biden super PAC called “Unite the Country” has raised more than $10 million to pay for a new ad campaign to rally the Democratic base around the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. It comes at a time when Biden has been thoroughly incapable of rallying the Democratic base in the same way his former colleague Barack Obama did.

Biden is also still stuck at home, self-isolating during the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, and refusing to hold press conferences.

Unite the Country is launching a TV ad campaign on top of a “multi-million digital program leading up to the convention,” which will take place in August. Whether it’s a digital conference or in a real venue, we still don’t know.

The first ad was released by the PAC on Friday, in which it portrays Biden as a presidential candidate who can build a “stronger, fairer economy” for blue-collar workers. It also portrays Biden as a capable leader, demonstrating the role he played in the Obama administration’s handling of the economic crash in 2008.

“My dad never failed to remind us that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck,” you can hear Biden say in the ad below. “It’s about your dignity. It’s about respect. It’s about your place in the community.”

Classic politician word soup. Funny how he doesn’t mention the fact that America was enjoying record employment rates before the Chinese coronavirus was imported to the United States.

“It’s about being able to look your child in the eye and say, ‘Honey it’s going to be okay’ and know it’s true. You never quit on America, and you deserve a president who will never quit on you.”


He goes on to say that President Trump’s is “disastrous” and that “every single day” he “endangers lives and weakens our economy.”

Regardless of political opinion, the claim is a lie. Before the coronavirus impacted the American economy, more people were employed than at any other time in history. Black and Latino employment were also higher than ever.

What exactly does Biden think Trump was doing wrong?