Dem Mayor Says Trump Would “EAT HIS OWN CHILDREN” On CNN

( Democrat Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, made the vile and bizarre claim during a CNN interview on Wednesday that President Donald Trump would “eat his own children” to advance his party’s agenda.

Bottoms was discussing the upcoming runoff elections in the state of Georgia which will decide whether the Republicans or Democrats control the Senate. It’s a hot issue as the presidency hangs in the balance and the Democrats only just managed to keep hold of the House on election night.

During the discussion, left-wing activist anchor Anderson Cooper asked the mayor whether she believed President Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud was an effort to “rile up his base.”

Well, there’s a loaded question if you ever heard one.

“This has been a fascinating year, especially if you watch politics,” the mayor said. “To even see the Republican president turn on the Republican secretary of state [in Georgia] whom he endorsed, and if you watch his Twitter feed…”

Activist Cooper butted in to say, “he’ll turn on anybody if the situation warrants it, it seems,” as if being critical of people in his own party is a bad trait.

And that’s when Mayor Bottoms chimed in with arguably one of the most bizarre and disturbing comments ever made on CNN…and that’s saying something.

“He will eat his own children, I’m sure, if he found it prudent,” she said. “But now he’s picking a fight with Brian Kemp, also the governor who he was closely allied with. And so it’s my hope that even if people did not vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that they will be so disappointed and disgusted by this behavior.”

Never let a good scandal go to waste, right? It’s probably the only thing the Democrats have left in this campaign to take the two Republican Senate seats.

President Donald Trump is battling with the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia over a recount that was initially promised to be an audit, but wasn’t an audit. The recount of the presidential election results simply recounted ballots by hand, which meant potentially fraudulent ballots would be included in the final result.

The president warned that without checking signatures, there is no way of knowing whether the results in the election are legitimate or skewed by fraudulent votes.

Why is it that the Democrats are always so opposed to ensuring election integrity?