Dem LA Mayor Cuts $150 MILLION In Police Funding to Give to “Communities Of Color”

( After a host of far-left celebrities including Lizzo, John Legend, and others signed an open letter calling on U.S. governors and politicians to defund the police, Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he would take a massive $150 million from his city’s police budget and give it to “communities of color instead.

Garcetti announced on Wednesday that he would strip the Los Angeles Police Department of vital funds, and “reinvest” them in the black community.

“This is bigger than just a budget, but I want you to know we will not be increasing our police budget – how can we at this moment?” he told the media.

Garcetti said that, instead of directing the funds towards the police department so that they can continue protecting the people of Los Angeles, he would instead hand over free cash to community leaders. His plan? To “commit to reinvesting in black communities, and communities of color; in those places left behind.”

Speaking to journalists, he cited statistics relating to racial inequality, though failed to recognize the fact that every person regardless of race has access to equal treatment under the law and all the opportunities in the world to progress, advance, and achieve.

“I have instructed and committed, that our city, identify $250 million in cuts, so we could invest in jobs, in health, in education, and in healing,” he said, “And that those dollars need to be focused on our black community here in Los Angeles, as well as communities of color, and women, and people who have been left behind, for too long.”

He explained that to find those funds there would need to be cuts from every department, including the police force.

“We all have to step up and say, what can we sacrifice?”

During a press conference, the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission Eileen Decker said that the city’s police force is expected to take a hit of between $100 million and $150 million.

That means $150 million less available for police officers to protect people from violent crime, to control riots like the ones we’re seeing in cities across America, and to keep people safe. Who knows where that money will really go?

And who knows how long the redirection of these funds will last?