Dem Governor Gavin Newsom Pushes Anti-Vaxxer Lines, Casts Doubt On FDA-Approved Vaccines

( Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, told the press on Monday that he wouldn’t automatically support a COVID-19 vaccine even if it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Pushing an anti-vaxxer line, Newsom said that his state would not automatically begin the distribution of the vaccine that could save hundreds of thousands or even millions of American lives.

Newsom appeared to imply that the vaccine cannot be trusted as it was developed under the Trump administration.

“A question I often get is, are you going to take someone’s word for it as it relates to vaccines?” Newsom said to reporters. “Of course we don’t take anyone’s word for it.”

Not even the…FDA? What happened to believing the scientists?

“We will do our own independently reviewed process with our world-class experts,” Newsom said.

It would mean that Californians would not benefit from a vaccine that has been developed over the past year thanks to the hard work of scientists. Under Operation Warp Speed, which improved efficiency in the development and testing process, the Trump administration has overseen a rapid production of safe vaccines that are going through all the normal testing procedures.

If Governor Newsom holds back the vaccine from California residents, it could mean delays of weeks or even months for California citizens who are already struggling with intense lockdown measures.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported how Governor Newsom plans to ignore the expertise of the FDA by setting up a “scientific review committee” made up of 11 professionals. This committee will be set the task of scrutinizing evidence that the vaccine, which will have been approved by the FDA, is safe.

Members reportedly include San Francisco’s health officer, as well as epidemiology experts from Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

President Donald Trump had initially expected the vaccine to be approved by the FDA before election day, but it is now expected to be approved by the administration by early 2021.

Even the San Francisco Chronicle admitted that Newsom’s announcement was less about protecting the public and more about political manoeuvring.

Kate Folmar, California’s Health and Human Services spokeswoman, told the paper that it is “unlikely” that the panel set up by Newsom would find a vaccine that has been approved by the FDA to be unsafe.

“However, if that does happen, the state would inform residents about the safety hazard and limit the distribution of the vaccine in areas under state control,” she said.

It comes after Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris suggested she wouldn’t take the vaccine if it was endorsed by President Donald Trump.