“Deep State” Official EXPLODES Over Trump – Issues Warning!

(PatrioticPost.com)- Fiona Hill, a former official from the United States National Security Council who made egregious claims about former President Donald Trump during the first impeachment hearings against him, is once again trying to scare the American people into opposing the former president and his America First policies.

Speaking to New York Times Magazine, Hill bizarrely claimed that if the former president is elected again in 2024, it would do irreversible damage to America’s standing on the world stage and hurt America’s relationships with countries all over the world.

…Because Joe Biden is doing such a great job? Come on.

Hill also made strange claims about the state of America’s election system, wrongly claiming that the U.S. has the “gold standard” of democratic elections.

What’s “gold standard” about votes taking weeks (or months) to be counted?

“We’ve been the gold standard of democratic elections,” she wrongly claimed. “All of that will be rolled back if Trump returns to power after claiming that the only way he could ever lose is if someone steals it from him.”

She also claimed that his re-election would mean the “total loss of America’s leadership position in the world.”

Business Insider recently reported on the interview, as if to solidify the idea that a National Security Council official from the Trump era making these claims makes the claims accurate. The fact is, though, that Hill has made egregious claims about the former president for years. So it’s not news, and what she says is debatable – to say the least.