Deadly Helicopter Crash In Russia Led To Billionaire Being Eaten By A Bear

( Last week, after a helicopter crashed in the remote Russian countryside, an affluent couple and their pilot were brutally devoured and eaten by wild bears.

The young couple, Zoya Kaygorodova and Sergey Kolesnyak were on a pricey tour of Russia’s east when their helicopter crashed while flying over the Kamchatka peninsula in the Sea of Okhotsk. Igor Malinovsky, a well-known Russian athlete, was operating the aircraft at the time.

According to Russian media, the twenty-five-year-old Kamchatka native Igor Malinovsky was a former junior biathlon star who competed in world championships and earned five gold medals.

He had a hard time making the move to the senior levels and began to concentrate more and more on his love of flying, which he shared with his father. The aircraft he flew during the tragic event belonged to his father Vladimir’s business, “Vzlyot.”

Malinovsky stressed that he still had ambitions to participate in biathlon at some level despite having finished his studies at the Omsk Flight Technical College of Civil Aviation in April.

According to reports, local officials said the helicopter encountered terrible weather. Malinovsky lost control of the aircraft just before it crashed.

The missing aircraft and three badly damaged bodies were found on July 17 in the late afternoon close to the Semyachik pass, 13 kilometers from the Uzon volcano, according to a statement from the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Sadly, no one survived the collision. According to reports, it is unclear if the passengers survived the helicopter crash. When rescuers arrived, they discovered that all three victims had been dragged, mauled, and devoured by bears.

According to Vladimir Solodov, the Kamchatka region’s governor, the luxurious aviation trip was a private trip. The passengers were not listed as tourists.

The Russian Biathlon Association remembered Igor Malinovsky in a statement. They noted he was a multiple world junior champion, an avid biathlete, and a pilot in his native Kamchatka.