David Spade Comes Out Against Cancel Culture, Says It Should End

(PatrioticPost.com)- Apparently to host a popular reality show or an iconic game show, a person must be as pure as the wind-driven snow.

With the death of host Alec Trebek, the game show Jeopardy has been trying out potential new hosts and several of them have ended up in the trash heap over previous comments or positions the outrage mob found offensive.

Which could come in handy if the producers of Jeopardy would give Hunter Biden a chance as host. Finally, the media would care about his past.

Meanwhile, ABC recently dumped Chris Harrison, the long-time host of “Bachelor,” after he came to the defense of a contestant for once attending an antebellum-themed party. After Harrison got the boot, the producers decided to replace him with a series of guest hosts for the seventh season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

One such guest host chosen was former Saturday Night Live star and “Bachelor” superfan David Spade.

In a recent interview in Variety, Spade warned that cancel culture is making it “very dicey” to be in the comedy business. Gone are the days of pushing the envelope to get attention, Spade explained. “Now you say the one wrong move and you’re canceled.”

The truth is, today’s cultural environment makes comedy virtually impossible. This is why when, in 2019, Dave Chappelle launched his Sticks & Stones special that pretty much spit in the face of the cancel culture mob, critics and social media pearl-clutchers went berserk.

There was nothing new about his routine in terms of pushing the envelope. Chapelle was doing what generations of comedians had done before him. The only thing new was this modern obsession with cancel culture.

But audiences crave a return to comedy that doesn’t bow to political correctness. While Rotten Tomatoes showed that Sticks & Stones only garnered a 35% rating among reviewers, at the same time Chappelle’s irreverent routine earned him a 99% rating among audiences who watched it.

In his Variety interview, Spade explained that comics are learning that they need to band together in order to weather the storm caused over politically-incorrect jokes. Spade mentioned that on his Comedy Central talk show he has asked his colleagues for their opinion on cancel culture and most of them have the same views.

One guest, comedian Bill Burr, put it bluntly, asking “When is this gonna f**king end?” Burr blamed this outrage mob nonsense on millennials, calling them “a buncha rats!”