Dark Money Group Linked To Ocasio-Cortez’s Fake Handcuff Stunt

(PatrioticPost.com)- As part of an abortion rights demonstration in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, Capitol Police detained more than a dozen Democratic members of Congress.

They marched from the Capitol to the Court, which had been blocked off for weeks, shortly after the leaked draft ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. They wore specially produced green bandanas with the words “Won’t Back Down.”

Within two minutes of their arrival, police started issuing “stop and desist” orders. Instead, they sat in the street and sang, “The people, united, will never be separated,” as police dragged them away one by one.

There is speculation that 17 Democrats from the House of Representatives arrested while protesting alongside pro-choice demonstrators in front of the Supreme Court were detained due to a pre-planned coordinated operation.

There is a possibility of a connection between Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a far-Left, dark money organization purportedly backed by George Soros.

AOC admitted in a “story” that she posted to her Instagram account that members of the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund (CPD Action), which George Soros funds, encouraged her and other members of the Democratic caucus in the House to “submit themselves for arrest in front of the Supreme Court.”

She added that the fake arrest was made because media cycles run fast, and the attention and outrage on Roe might soon go away.

After that, the representative from New York urged civil disobedience, describing it as “a tremendously powerful means of achieving” public attention to the pro-choice campaign.

Ilhan Omar, a Democrat who serves in the House of Representatives, was also a participant in the PR stunt. Jeremy Slevin, a spokesman for Ilhan Omar’s office, tweeted thirty minutes before she was taken into custody that the Soros group CPD Action would conveniently be live-streaming the congresswomen’s protest and hinted that the protest “potentially including arrests.” Omar was taken into custody shortly after Slevin’s tweet was sent.

Before the lawmakers began illegally obstructing the street outside of the Supreme Court, Slevin tweeted, “Members of Congress, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, will be participating in a civil disobedience at the Supreme Court, potentially including arrests.” It is now being live streamed by @CPDAction. Continue in this direction!” Slevin added.
Omar has employed Slevin for close to four years in the capacity of Senior Communications Director and Strategist.

So, it’s safe to say this stunt was a “strategy.”