Dan Crenshaw Reveals Troops Are Being Forced To Wear IDs With Race, And Social Class

(PatrioticPost.com)- The radical push to turn the United States Armed Forces into a satellite campus of Oberlin College continues apace.

Last week, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw exposed a number of instances during so-called “diversity and inclusion” trainings – including one where members of the military are being forced to classify themselves by race and socio-economic status.

During training conducted at Fort Bliss in Texas, Crenshaw said the soldiers were required to wear personal identification badges that listed, among other things, their race, ethnicity, and social class.

In an Instagram post about this, Crenshaw said that the only thing that should appear on a soldier’s uniform is his name, rank and the American flag. Crenshaw argues that the military requires those who serve to put aside our differences and “focus on one mission as one team.” This type of “woke training,” Crenshaw adds, weakens a unit instead of strengthening it.

Last month Crenshaw, along with fellow veteran Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, set up a whistleblower page inviting US service members to submit examples of “diversity and inclusion” training as well as critical race theory indoctrination that they are forced to undergo.

Thus far, Crenshaw and Cotton have received over four hundred credible submissions.

Crenshaw also cited a DoD-wide training school at Patrick AFB in Florida where service members were required to “experience and share a significant emotional event” that forced them to acknowledge their “privilege” and “racism.” Most of those attending this training school were white, particularly white males.

The assumption, Crenshaw explained was that white people are racist and white males were not only racist but sexist. In other words, white people “possess these character flaws,” Crenshaw said, and therefore must confront them in front of their fellow classmates.

How very Maoist of the Department of Defense.

As it is a “school,” Crenshaw believes the servicemen “students” are under undo pressure to pretend to be a racist, privileged bigot, whether they are or not, lest they get a failing grade and risk their military career.

There are more examples and videos at Dan Crenshaw’s Instagram account.