Dan Crenshaw Calls For Military To Be “Unleashed”

(PatrioticPost.com)- After Thursday’s bombings outside of the airport in Kabul, US CENTCOM Commander General Frank McKenzie Jr. revealed that the US was communicating with the Taliban to make sure they know what the US expects of them in keeping US forces and civilians safe in Afghanistan.

McKenzie explained that the terror threat from ISIS-K is “completely real,” and the US is expecting more attacks to follow. He said that they were doing “everything we can” to prepare for those attacks.

But the “everything we can” appears to be “reaching out to the Taliban” because they are the ones “who are actually providing security” outside of the airport.

Security or a blockade?

Because it really seems more like both.

This revelation that the US military is relying on America’s enemy to keep Americans safe did not sit well here in the states — especially among those US veterans who served in Afghanistan during our twenty year war against the Taliban.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL and veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, expressed his outrage over McKenzie’s admission. In a tweet Thursday afternoon, Crenshaw responded with “You’ve got to be kidding me,” adding “Unleash our military power NOW.”

And Crenshaw wasn’t alone in his disgust.

During an appearance on the Dan Bongino Show, Afghanistan vet and Senate candidate Sean Parnell described watching the Biden administration “bend the knee” to the Taliban as “soul-crushing.”

On his Friday show “I’m Right,” host Jesse Kelly – a Marine veteran who fought in Afghanistan – barely contained his rage as he described just how furious and disgusted US servicemen and veterans are over Biden’s catastrophic betrayal.

While the government works with their new best friends in the Taliban, US veterans are stepping up to do the job Biden bungled. According to the New York Post, a volunteer group of highly-trained Afghanistan vets spent the past week secretly rescuing hundreds of allied operatives out of Afghanistan.

This weeklong secret mission, dubbed “Pineapple Express,” was carried out by a group of special operators made up of retired Green Berets and Navy SEALS. Up to five hundred Afghan allies and their families were rescued.