Cuomo Admits He Doesn’t Blame Criminals For Gun Violence

( On Tuesday July 6, Andrew Cuomo announced that he wants to do for gun violence in New York what he did for COVID-19. And apparently he meant that as a good thing.

In a speech at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC, Cuomo signed an executive order declaring what he proudly proclaimed a “first-in-the-nation” disaster emergency on gun violence. The governor also signed new legislation that closes a loophole that permitted those with outstanding warrants for their arrest to purchase a firearm.

The problem with Cuomo’s executive action, however, is it does nothing to address violent crime at all. Instead, it creates an enormous slush fund in the guise of “investment in intervention and prevention programs” amounting to $138.7 million.

It also didn’t go unnoticed that Cuomo declared another state emergency just days after losing the emergency powers granted to him during the COVID pandemic. Coincidence? Knowing Cuomo, probably not.

Sure, he’s forming a council on gun-violence prevention, but until Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled legislature starts rolling back some of its criminal-friendly laws, the only thing Cuomo’s $138.7 million dollar boondoggle will do is create a bunch of state bureaucrats.

New York lawmakers passed a bail reform bill Cuomo happily signed into law that has resulted in countless criminals being let back out onto the street rather than remain behind bars pending bail. Cuomo also signed into law a bill that guarantees that nobody will see jail time “just” because he was arrested while carrying an illegal gun.

State Senate Republican Leader Robb Ortt excoriated Cuomo’s “political grandstanding” telling Fox News that the rising homicide rates in New York’s metropolitan areas are the direct result of criminal justice “reforms” like the bail reform law. Ortt also put some of the blame on the “out-of-control” parole board which has released “countless murderers and other dangerous criminals” back onto the street.

“Guns” aren’t the problem here. The criminals New York State won’t put behind bars are the problem. But instead of dealing with those who actually commit these violent crimes, Cuomo prefers to posture and preen while claiming to find the “root causes” of “gun” violence.

Sound familiar?

It’s busy work. It’s a governor currently under pending investigations trying to look like he’s doing something about one of the biggest issue concerning New Yorkers. When in fact, he’s doing nothing.