Criminal Aliens To Get Free Pass, Agents Warn

( In an exclusive report from Breitbart News, former US Border Patrol agent Randy Clark reveals that sources within ICE are expressing concern over the Biden Administration’s new policies that are limiting their ability to enforce existing immigration laws.

In short, Clark’s sources report that criminal illegals are being released into the US, and ICE agents are hamstrung when it comes to arresting non-citizen fugitives who are, by law, subject to immediate removal.

An ICE agent in Del Rio, Texas claims that an alarming number of criminal aliens are being released onto the streets – not because ICE chooses to release them, but because the Biden Administration requires they be released.

One Mexican national who was previously deported, was apprehended and, rather than returned to Mexico as was the policy prior to January 20, was set loose within the US.

The agent explained that ICE is arresting “fewer criminal aliens than ever in our agency’s history.”

ICE agents are instructed not to expend resources on removals of illegals unless the illegals have a violent felony conviction or pose a risk of terrorism.

The Biden Administration’s push to limit the number of deportations has resulted in ICE’s fugitive teams being limited to one case every two to three weeks. Prior to Biden’s election, the fugitive teams were one of the three leading law enforcement agencies tracking down and apprehending criminal illegal fugitives. Now, under the Biden Administration, fugitive teams are apprehending only eight fugitives per month.

According to one source, these agents “don’t even want to come to work anymore,” calling Biden’s policies a “dereliction” of their duties, if not a criminal act.

Meanwhile, as border facilities reach critical capacity, the Biden Administration is quietly transferring “migrant” illegals out of the border region and into the rest of the country.

In an affluent precinct of Scottsdale, Arizona, homeowners discovered after the fact that more than 1,200 illegal migrants had been placed in a closed hotel in their neighborhood.

The decision to house the illegals in this hotel was made without public input. Even the Scottsdale Police Department was unaware of the decision until the day before the migrants were transferred to the location.

According to Ricochet writer Jon Gabriel, members of the largely affluent, Biden-voting area are outraged over the news. Over the weekend, over two hundred residents turned out to protest the Biden Administration’s decision.