Court Forces Jordan Peterson Into Re-Education Nightmare

On Tuesday, a court in Ontario rejected Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s appeal, which had contested the social media training requirement imposed on the prominent psychologist by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

After Peterson challenged transgender ideology, climate alarmism, and the Canadian government, he was required to complete a remedial program, or deprogramming, as it were.

After Peterson failed to complete the required training, the College of Psychologists of Ontario—a group that has recently adopted radical gender theory—threatened to revoke his clinical psychology license due to his social media activities.

According to what Peterson said on X, a Canadian higher court has decided that the Ontario College of Psychologists can send him to a re-education camp. He claims he has exhausted all other available legal options. He either gives in to the incompetent bureaucracy and the woke mob or risks having his professional license revoked.

He warned that he would not let them take anything from him and conceded that he had exhausted all his available legal options.

Peterson’s appeal of a decision from the Ontario Divisional Court, which had determined last August that the psychologist organization could require Peterson to undergo social media training, was denied by a panel of three judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal. Peterson was sentenced to pay $25,000 to the College of Psychologists in August by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The College of Psychologists is trying to “reeducate” Peterson for his public remarks on social media and podcast appearances rather than discipline him for his contact with patients. Peterson has been censured, fined, and dismissed by the organization.

Peterson was allegedly in trouble with the College of Psychologists for several things, including retweeting Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s criticism of Justin Trudeau, a former senior Trudeau aide, and his stance against the idea of the Ottawa police seizing the children of protesters involved in the Trucker Convoy.

He’s said that “civilizations collapsing” would be the result of accepting radical gender theory and allegedly said that climate change models are unreliable. He criticized Sports Illustrated for featuring a plus-size swimsuit model on their cover.