Cops In Trouble After Taking Photos Of Crime Scene On Cameras

( Cops in London, England, are facing an investigation over allegations that the officers took and shared a photograph of a dead body at a suspected crime scene. One of the officers is thought to have taken the photograph when attending the scene, and two other officers are accused of either receiving the image or being aware of its existence.

The shocking investigation comes after two other police officers were warned that they may face jail after taking photographs of the dead bodies of two sisters who were discovered in a park. The officers were said to have taken the photographs and shared them with friends on WhatsApp.

Officers Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis pleaded guilty after admitting to taking the “unauthorized” pictures of murdered sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry. The pair had been found in Fryent Country Park in the bushes, in the north-western region of London, and officers were told to protect the crime scene. The men decided instead to approach the bodies and take photographs.

The three officers in London in the more recent case were being investigated by the Independent Office of Police Conduct, who recently passed over their findings to the Metropolitan Police.

According to the Mail Online, the photograph was of a dead male who was found in 2020.

The new investigation has caused a stir in the UK, and senior British police officer Cressida Dick – who has also served as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police since 2017 – issued a statement to express her “deep regret” over the matter.

She said that the behavior of these officers was “utterly unprofessional, disrespectful and deeply insensitive.”

No kidding.