Cops Gun Down Mental Suspect With A Knife

( Detroit Police fatally shot a 22-year-old man who lunged at them with a knife just months after he fled from a mental hospital. It was captured on body camera footage that has been released.

It was the last of Burks’ many contacts with Detroit police.

The knife-wielding Porter Burks was killed last week for allegedly defying police commands to lay down his weapon, according to Detroit Police Chief James White.

Reports show that in the bodycam footage, an officer can be heard begging Burks to put down the knife, but as he abruptly raced in their direction, White claimed they were left with no choice but to open fire.

According to investigators, Burks had schizophrenia.

When Detroit police showed the footage to reporters during a news conference on Tuesday, Police Chief James White called the shooting very tragic, and it was not the desired outcome.  He added that Detroit had a severe mental health crisis.

Reports show officers responded to a complaint about a guy with a knife experiencing a mental health crisis on the west side and spoke to a man who claimed to be Burks’ brother. The man claimed Burks had damaged his car’s tires.

Burks was subsequently discovered strolling down a nearby street. In the body camera clip, cops can be heard admonishing him to stay away from them and to put down the knife.

After saying he wouldn’t, Burks sprinted toward the police officers, and they opened fire.

According to reports, Burks’ upset relatives claimed the police were not in immediate danger when they opened fire.

White defended the officers’ response, saying it’s part of their training.
The police had to end a threat, and they felt threatened. With someone running at them with a knife and only three seconds to spare, there is no time to look around and see what other people are doing. They have trained to end the threat.

Family members claimed they felt helpless and had nowhere to turn. But when they did, it was a tragic outcome.
One family member fought back the tears as they said to help them yourselves, don’t call 911, they might not make it. Don’t call for help.

Police reports show that in August 2020, Burk stabbed his 7-year-old sister in the neck and his brother in the head.

So much for “Help them yourself.”

Perhaps Burks decided he needed to end his own life but used the police to do it.