Cop Nearly Overdoses After Accidental Contact With Drug

( Coworkers administered Narcan to a Florida police officer who overdosed after unintentionally taking fentanyl, saving her life.

According to the Tavares Police Department via Fox 35, Officer Courtney Bannick discovered drugs on a passenger during a traffic stop after midnight on Tuesday.

The passenger was taken into custody by Bannick, but she started having breathing problems and was choking. Bannick was drifting in and out of consciousness when a nearby officer checked on her and saw that she required immediate medical attention.

Following the removal of Bannick from her car and the administration of three doses of Narcan, two Tavares police officers and a K-9 handler from the Astatula Police Department can be seen in the body camera footage.

The life-saving nasal spray known by the brand name Narcan is used to reverse the effects of an opioid drug overdose, which can potentially be fatal.

Following the administration of naloxone, Bannick is seen regaining consciousness and coming back to life. She was taken to a local hospital and is anticipated to recover fully.

She doesn’t have a lot of memories. When she first awoke, she recalled seeing everyone gathering around her. Detective Courtney Sullivan said, “She said it was freaky to see her in such a lifeless state.”

Bannick was wearing gloves, according to the police, who claim she was following procedures when handling the drugs during the traffic stop.

“I’ve done this in the same manner 100 times before. It only requires a single instance and a small sum, according to Bannick. “I’m grateful I had immediate help and wasn’t by myself.”

“There’s a very good chance and probability that today would be different if the other officers weren’t there,” Sullivan added.