Conspiracy Of SILENCE – Bombshell REPORT

A “conspiracy of silence” aimed at protecting the reputation of President Joe Biden has been alleged by a new report published in New York Magazine, and the article is now raising questions on social media.

On the fourth of July the magazine published an article by Olivia Nuzzi entitled “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden.” In the article the Washington correspondent tells a story of a President who has for months been rumored to be unfit for office, but these rumors haven’t been allowed outside a whispering circle of rich donors and administration and party officials.

In a speech given to a small group of “powerful Democrats” on June 29 in New Jersey, just a few days after his disastrous debate performance against rival Donald Trump, about which Nuzzi said that the content of his statements would not matter much if he was not prone to sliding into an undecipherable rhetorical pile-up. The President’s tendency to mumble incoherently has noticeably worsened during his four years in office, Nuzzi said.

The world, according to Nuzzi, saw Biden deteriorating. She referenced a report published in the Wall Street Journal the day after the debate, which cataloged a number of moments when Biden seemed to lose his way in conversation, or avoided candid exchanged outright.

The White House has strenuously denied this characterization of the 81 year-old incumbent.

Nonetheless, Nuzzi says that she has been hearing stories such as those detailed in the WSJ article since January, passed on to her by Democratic activists, officials, and donors—all of whom were individuals who were doing their level best to help Biden secure a second term. After personal encounters with the president, they all expressed the concern that Biden couldn’t continue another four years, assuming he could even make it to election day this year.

The debate performance provoked Christina Pushaw, a former associate of Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, to wonder in public about who is actually running the country.