Conservative Star Raided By Swat Team

( Self-described “disaffected liberal” podcaster Tim Pool had his home raided by sheriff’s deputies while he was broadcasting his January 6 “Timcast IRL” podcast in what is described as a “swatting” incident.

Law enforcement surrounded Pool’s Maryland home after receiving an anonymous report falsely claiming that people had been shot and killed. Pool tweeted that evening that someone had told the Sheriff that they shot and killed two people and were going to commit suicide.

During the live podcast, co-host Lydia Smith received a text message alerting her to the raid, then a deputy was seen passing in front of the camera. Pool stepped off-camera to speak with the deputies while his guests discussed the dangers of “swatting.”

Pool later returned on camera and confirmed to his viewers that the raid took place, telling them two deputies had entered to search the premises without a warrant. While he described the deputies as polite, Pool was still visibly angry both at being swatted and that the deputies were allowed to come in without a warrant.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office later released a statement confirming the incident, saying deputies were dispatched around 8:15 pm after a report that two people had been shot and the suspect was threatening suicide. According to the statement, while deputies were en route, a member of the Maryland State Police informed them it was likely a swatting incident.

When deputies arrived, they entered the house noting exigent circumstances to confirm the safety of the people inside. Once they verified that nobody was hurt and no one was threatening suicide, they left.

The sheriff’s office said it takes swatting incidents seriously and an investigation into the false report is underway.

Last weekend, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the deputies searching the premises was posted to Twitter:

“Swatting” is a form of criminal harassment in which someone calls the police to falsely report a serious crime taking place at another person’s home to prompt a massive police response. While considered a “prank,” it is not without risk. In 2017, police shot and killed a 28-year-old Kansas man after he was a victim of a “swatting” incident. The suspect who made the call was later sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.