( In what can only be described as a win for Chinese Propaganda, a recent poll among Chinese youth shows that over 98 percent hold the United States responsible for the “worsening” COVID pandemic.

The poll, published last Friday in the state-run Global Times, was conducted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and the Social Survey Center of China Youth Newspaper. It purportedly surveyed 41,322 young Chinese nationals.

Over sixty percent of those surveyed said that they believe America’s high cost of healthcare, poor policies, “hollow industries and lack of anti-epidemic materials” were to blame for COVID’s rapid spread within the United States.

Amazing that they could find sixty percent of 41,322 people to all use the term “hollow industries” to describe the United States. What are the odds?

Respondents were asked to rate the United States’ overall performance in combating the COVID outbreak. Over 96 percent rated it as “bad.” Among those, 86.5 percent rated it as “very bad.”

This says far less about America’s COVID response and far more about the Communist Chinese Party’s stranglehold on propaganda.

In fact, the poll itself is just more Communist Party propaganda.

How can you run an opinion poll in a country where having the wrong opinion could get you jailed? If you factor in “fear of imprisonment for saying the wrong thing,” the margin of error in this poll must be higher than +/- 70 percent.

This survey is about as accurate as China’s total COVID case numbers and total deaths.

Speaking of case numbers. China is currently experiencing a resurgence of cases of COVID. Naturally the Communist regime is blaming the spike in cases on foreigners traveling into China, claiming the cases began at Nanjing’s Lokou International Airport in late July.

Local officials in Nanjing locked down the city’s 30,000 residents, but it did no good. The virus has since spread throughout other major cities and provinces in China, including Beijing.