Commentator Slams Trump For Riot Response

During an episode of the PBD (Patrick Bet-David) Podcast released on Thursday, commentator Ann Coulter blasted former President Donald Trump and praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Coulter speculated that the riots that followed George Floyd’s death in 2020 might be associated with rising crime rates.

She said on May 21, 2020, George Floyd altered the course of history. Among other things, Coulter said, because of Floyd, we have to release all the convicts immediately. Praising and thanking DeSantis, she said in 2020, Florida would have been a relatively safe option to reside. She said Governor DeSantis authored legislation that made it legal to shoot looters and enacted other measures to quell riots. In other words, he took direct action, and there were no riots, no police stations were burned, and no officers were assaulted because of his measures.

Coulter, who once authored the book “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome,” has since turned against the former president. And she took potshots at her former hero, saying as commander-in-chief Trump wrote tweets. He tweeted in all capital letters: LAW AND ORDER.

She noted that after a year of actions involving BLM and Antifa, including the burning of police stations and the destruction of statues, she was incredulous at what Trump had to say at the first debate with Joe Biden. Coulter said she watched on TV the widespread disorder across the country. When the Minneapolis police station was attacked, she cried while watching the news. In the first debate, Trump said to Biden that he called “them” “super predators while getting inmates released due to his efforts.

She mocked Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for urging Trump to sign the First Step Act, which focuses on rehabilitation and early release of prisoners.

Coulter said if you want safety, Trump is not your guy.

While Trump was president, Coulter had issues with him because she believed he didn’t deliver on his promises. Trump called Coulter “washed up” last month, and Coulter responded by labeling Trump “a gigantic pu**y.”