Comedian Makes Risky Joke About Killed Man

On Wednesday, Tyler Fischer posted a video of himself performing a little of his stand-up comedy that aimed at the life and death of Jordan Neely.

Former Marine Daniel Penny, 24, is accused of choking Neely to death on May 1 at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in New York City. According to eyewitnesses, Neely was yelling “in an aggressive manner” moments before he was killed, and he told fellow passengers that he didn’t mind going to jail. Penny reportedly choked Neely to defend himself and the other passengers from his behavior. Neely lost consciousness during the hold, and he passed away. Emergency medical services at the scene could not bring him back to life.

Fischer tweeted a clip of one of his stand-up routines where he says he is terrified of the subway– a view shared by everyone who has seen the horrific recordings of what goes on down there, much less those who have to live in New York City and utilize the train regularly.

He said all hell had broken loose. He asked the crowd if they heard about the death of the homeless man a few days ago, the one that is a Michael Jackson look-alike. Given the topic’s sensitive nature and knowing that a joke was probably coming, the crowd stirred and murmured as they braced themselves.

To further laughter, Fischer said he watched some of his videos, and he’s not the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator.

Then he read later that Neely was arrested for trying to abduct a 7-year-old child and thought, “he’s a pretty good Michael Jackson impersonator. 

Fischer’s mic cut out just as he told the joke. But it was a momentary glitch. He added, “I thought they cut the mic,”  and they said, “You can’t f**kin’ make fun of a dude that died a couple of days ago.”

The crowd roared in response to the comment.