Colorado In Chaos After Trump Ruling

In recent polls, the remaining Republican candidates for the presidency find themselves lagging far behind the first place candidate and party frontrunner, former President Donald Trump. As of December 30th, the 45th president of the United States maintains a lead of some 50 points over the second place candidate, Ron Desantis. One individual at the far bottom of the paltry pack of additional candidates continues his desperate attempts to remain relevant by spewing rhetoric which reeks of despair. The failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, who continues to dream of becoming the party’s nominee in 2024 continues to bash the former president.

Christie has repeatedly stated that Trumps recent indictments were significant in damaging the candidate’s chances of victory in the 2024 election. Christie, who is currently polling at around 3%, said republicans would be naïve to think that the former president’s criminal indictments would not affect his electability. He also believes that ongoing investigations into Hunter Bidens activity with foreign politicians may not impact the 2024 election, as his father, President Joe Biden, may be viewed as a separate candidate removed from the conduct of his son. In another interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on August 29th, Christie said that the Republican party is doomed to lose the presidential election in 2024 if Trump is the nominee.

In a recent development, Donald Trump had been barred from the Colorado state presidential primary ballot by the states supreme court. In what has been deemed by many as a complete destruction of the 5th amendment of the constitution and an individual’s right to due process, political activists in that state’s judiciary ruled against Trump despite the fact that he has not been found guilty of anything and has not even received his right to a trial. The state GOP in Colorado said it would withdraw from a primary election and move to a caucus choice system if the ruling stands.