CNN’s Ratings Are Collapsing

CNN’s Host Fareed Zakaria Agrees With Trump About Asylum
CNN’s Host Fareed Zakaria Agrees With Trump About Asylum

( July 14, 2000. What is the significance of that date?

Bill and Hillary Clinton were still residing in the White House. Almost no one in the United States had ever heard of Al Qaeda; the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan were still towering tall. And developments like smartphones, Uber, and iPods were just figments of our collective imaginations.

But that day is also significant for this reason-
It is the last time CNN saw ratings as pitiful as last Friday.

A total day average of 60,000 demo viewers was brought in by CNN, which is somewhat higher than the network’s 59,000 demo viewers in July of 2000.

On Friday, Fox News was the most-watched program in both the demo and the total viewer categories, with 221,000 viewers and 1.56 million average viewers in the total viewer category.

MSNBC finished in second place with 83,000 viewers in the demo and 818,000 viewers in the total audience on average. CNN finished in third place with a total audience of 303,000 viewers.

The following is a complete rundown of the ratings for each show on cable news for Friday. The collapse of CNN is imminent.

Total viewers:
CNN: 303,000 viewers
Fox News: 1.56 million
MSNBC: 818,000

25-54 Demo:
CNN: 60,000
Fox News: 221,000
MSNBC: 83,000

The following are the prime time averages for both total viewers and the demo (those aged 25-54) for shows that air between 8 and 11 p.m.

Total viewers:
CNN: 331,000
Fox News: 2.27 million
MSNBC: 1.1 million

25-54 CNN has 63,000 subscribers,
Fox News has 296,000
MSNBC has 83,000

During the Trump administration, CNN enjoyed high ratings. But they also exposed its true nature. They revealed that its employees are just political activists pushing an extreme left-wing agenda.

For three years, they constantly informed their brainless and uneducated viewers that Trump was a tool for Russia. CNN thought it was cool that their minions nodded their heads in agreement. But, they were ruining their reputation.

Even the most devoted Democrat knows when they’ve been duped, and they don’t like it. During that time, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, and Don Lemon assured viewers nightly that “the walls are closing in on Trump.”

When they didn’t, poor ratings began closing