CNN Star Says Only Big Tech Should Be Able To Determine What Is “True”

( Far-left “news” host Don Lemon said on Tuesday that politicians and the media should be allowed to know the name and location of every single social media user who posts something negative about them online.

The terrifying statement comes as Facebook is being strong-armed by the Democrats and the media into complying with the demands of fake whistleblower Frances Haugen, who claims that the social media platform must do more to censor conservatives online.

During a segment on CNN, Lemon said that if somebody says something about him online, he should know that it’s “Joe Smith who lives in Wisconsin.”

He made the disturbing comments during a regular discussion with far-left host Chris Cuomo.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to just bully people with, you know, with no defense,” he said.

What, so people should be forced to make their names and faces public so it’s easier for big names like Don Lemon to shame them publicly and set their thousands of insane followers on them?

During the hand-off between the two shows, the two unpopular TV hosts talked about the testimony given by so-called Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen, and talked about what they would do to improve social media.

Lemon said that social media companies know that more regulation is coming, but it’s “not the kind of regulation that they should have.”

He even claimed that he thinks there should be “more parameters on the people who use it” and the “people who are allowed to use it.”

“You should be identified to the company. That doesn’t mean the company has to share your information with law enforcement unless you do something that is, you know, detrimental to your fellow citizen — a threat or something like that,” he said.

Do we need any more evidence that Lemon and people like him are dangerous radicals who threaten our democracy?