CNN Star Says It’s Time For Nancy Pelosi To Back Away, Retire

( Last week Nancy Pelosi made it official. She will be running for reelection in November. But not everybody on the Left is particularly interested in Nancy remaining in the Democrat leadership.

Despite the rumors that Nancy would hang up her witch’s hat at the end of this term and fly on her broom back to San Francisco, it was never really in doubt that she would run again in November.

Pelosi has already seen 29 House Democrats opt-out of running again. If she announced she was retiring, the floodgates would open and even more Democrats would be heading for the exits.

But after Nancy made it official last Tuesday, CNN contributor Bakari Sellers suggested that Nancy Pelosi should give up the reins and let someone else lead the caucus.

On Tuesday’s segment of CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper asked Sellers if Nancy was making a mistake or if she was the only one who can do the job.

Sellers noted that Pelosi’s announcement doesn’t necessarily mean that she plans to run again for Speaker of the House; she just announced her reelection.

Sellers is fine with Pelosi running again, he just doesn’t want her to remain in a leadership role. He told Tapper that he thinks it’s time Democrats had new leadership, not just in the House, but throughout the party.

To Bakari Sellers, the Democrat leadership should better reflect the younger “more vibrant” base because they have “bigger and bolder ideas” that can appeal to the new generation of voters.

He has a point. The House Democrat leadership has a cumulative age of 244-years-old: Pelosi is 81, Steny Hoyer is 82, and James Clyburn is 81.

Sellers, however, didn’t diminish Pelosi’s record as Speaker, going so far as to claim she will go down as “the greatest speaker of all time.

As “proof” of what an effective Speaker she is, Sellers cited Pelosi’s “ushering the country through COVID” (stop laughing!) and forcing through Obamacare. But, Sellers concluded, like any great leader, Pelosi should know when it’s time to “turn the reins over.”

Yes, Pelosi has been effective, but not in the way Sellers thinks. Thanks to her first time as Speaker, Republicans secured the largest House majority in generations in 2010. And now, during her second bite at the apple, Republicans are poised to do it again in 2022.