CNN Reporter Desperately Tries To Save Virginia Candidate

( Last Tuesday, CNN reporter Eva McKend did a little white-knighting for struggling Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

During a “CNN Newsroom” segment on the state of the Virginia race, anchor Victor Blackwell asked McKend about Republican Glen Youngkin’s focus on education as a major issue in his campaign. McKend acknowledged that education has become a focal point in the Virginia race, but argued that Youngkin’s attacks on McAuliffe are based on a comment that “spun out of control.”

Acting more like a press secretary for McAuliffe than a reporter, McKend told Blackwell that Youngkin’s claim that McAuliffe doesn’t believe that parents have a fundamental right to be engaged in their children’s education is not the case. Instead, she argued, McAuliffe’s comment in that late September debate has “spun out of control.”

She means this comment:

Is it really open to interpretation? It is clear from the video that McAuliffe was scoffing at the idea that parents should have a right to tell schools how to educate their children.

Relying on mind-reading skills, McKend said “what McAuliffe actually said” was he wasn’t going to let parents “come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision.” She added that McAuliffe meant that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what they should teach.

How is that any better? The end result is the same: McAuliffe doesn’t want parents to have a say in their own children’s education. Eva McKend’s “explanation” actually makes McAuliffe sound worse.

You’re not helping, Eva.

The corporate news media is going all-out to try and save Terry McAuliffe from himself. They’re echoing the campaign’s claim that Glenn Youngkin wants to “ban” books from schools – including Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison!!!!!!

It’s a lie, of course.

But even Joe Biden repeated that lie when he campaigned for McAuliffe last Tuesday.

They’re panicked and desperate.

Virginia was supposed to be an easy win for the Democrats. Joe Biden bested Trump by nearly ten points just last year.

Instead, Youngkin is ahead of McAuliffe in Real Clear Politics polling average. And when it comes to education, voters prefer Youngkin over McAuliffe 50 percent to 44 percent.