CNN Reporter CAUGHT Removing Mask When Cameras Stop Rolling

( CNN suffered an embarrassing blow last Friday when staffer Kaitlan Collins assumed the cameras had stopped rolling and took off her mask. Footage shows Collins checking to see if the coverage had ended and removing her mask, despite the network having criticized President Donald Trump and other members of his administration for not doing so.

Collins is an interesting character who has hit the news before, too. In 2018, Log Cabin Republicans called her out for a series of anti-gay tweets she made in 2011. She is known for her far-left activism, which makes the footage particularly damning. Take a look below!

The insanity of this situation is that, when she is sitting down, Collins didn’t pose much of a danger to other people who were sitting six feet away from her. Despite this, she chose to wear a mask only at this point and took it off at the end when she was brushing past other people and potentially spreading the Chinese coronavirus.

CNN has relentlessly attacked the president over masks, so it should come as no surprise that he immediately posted the video and described Collins as a “CNN Faker!”

Collins claimed that she only took the mask off for six seconds, but if you examine the footage closely you’ll see how she did it. Collins doesn’t appear to be temporarily removing the mask but instead tears it off her face in visible discomfort, thankful that the show is over and she doesn’t have to put it back on.

If Collins was removing the mask in discomfort, and doing so at the end of the press conference, what reason would she have had to put it back on? There is also no evidence that she put it back on.

CNN is notorious for telling white lies. Remember when anchor Chris Cuomo published a video of himself emerging from his basement after two weeks in quarantine when he’d been spotted in an entirely different house just days earlier?