CNN Ratings Collapse As Trump Plans His Triumphant Return

( After enjoying a 63% increase in total day ratings for the first quarter of 2021, CNN’s ratings bubble imploded during the second quarter.

According to Nielsen ratings, the highest second quarter showing for CNN wasn’t even among the top twenty cable news programs. CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” finished the second quarter in 22nd place behind fourteen Fox News programs and seven from MSNBC.

And that was CNN’s best showing.

Even the odious Joy Reid’s MSNBC show “The Reidout” broke top fifteen (barely, she was at number 14).

Of all of CNN’s programming, only Cuomo’s show and “Anderson Cooper 360” managed to garner a million nightly viewers during the second quarter of 2021.

Though, naturally, CNN is trying to turn this chickensh*t into chicken salad – bragging in a press release that among the coveted 25-54 demographic, CNN beat MSNBC across the board, in prime time, total day, dayside and weekends. The 25-54 demographic is the target audience advertisers seek.

That doesn’t change the fact that CNN’s overall ratings are in the toilet – something that must bring former President Trump oodles of pleasure.

Whatever amount of spin CNN may try to toss on these collapsing ratings doesn’t change the fact that, despite overall drop in viewers since the November election, Fox News is still beating the pants off of everyone.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” is the top-rated cable news show among CNN’s targeted demographic. In fact, seven of the top ten cable news programs viewed among the 25-54 demographic are Fox News shows. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, and only two CNN shows (Cuomo’s and Cooper’s) round out the top ten.

In its statement on the latest quarter ratings, Fox News dinged CNN’s falling viewership. The statement rubbed salt in the wound by pointing out that since July 2019, CNN has seen 70 percent declines in both prime time and total day ratings.

Adding fuel to the fire, MSNBC also got some digs in, pointing out that, in all, thirteen of its shows beat out their CNN competitors head-to-head.

As CNN’s first quarter ratings bump was due largely to its constant flogging of the January 6 melee, expect the cable news outlet to stick to the House January 6 select committee hearings like white on rice.