CNN Host Slams Biden Official For Idiotic Claim Of Afghanistan “Success”

( The messaging coming out of the White House over the absolute disastrous way the Afghanistan withdrawal was done is so unbelievably bad, even CNN set aside their Biden cheerleading uniforms and went on the attack.

On Monday, Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan appeared on the Today Show and tried to make the case that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success.

Host Savannah Guthrie argued that, despite the President assuring the country that we would not see a Saigon-like evacuation of the Embassy in Kabul, we saw a Saigon-like evacuation of the Embassy in Kabul.

And how did Sullivan argue against that?

Using helicopters is just how it’s done nowadays.

Good grief.

Sullivan’s shameful performance on the Today Show was even too much for CNN’s Jim Sciutto who slammed the National Security Advisor for claiming the drawdown was successful. Sciutto said that given the circumstances unfolding in Kabul, he can’t see how anybody could call this withdrawal successful.

Watch HERE.

Sciutto wasn’t the only CNN host to hammer the White House. CNN’s Jake Tapper called out President Biden for his “it’s everybody else’s fault, not mine” speech, pointing out that on the one hand Biden claimed the buck stops with him, but on the other hand he spent most of his time blaming everyone from Obama to Trump to the Afghan forces for his disastrous withdrawal.

Over at ABC News, reporter Terry Moran also criticized Biden for trying to shift the blame away from himself.

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, after Biden’s speech in which he took no questions from the press, Brian Williams’ guest, former CIA analyst Matt Zeller, tore apart Williams’ lame defense of Biden’s blame-shifting.

After over seven months of shielding Biden and protecting him from scrutiny, the American corporate media is blasting him with both barrels.

The fact that the news media which, as a general rule, goes out of their way to make excuses for Biden, are now unwilling to stick their necks out far enough to excuse him over Afghanistan is a clear indication of just how disastrous this debacle is for the White House.