CNN Guest Tries To Cover For Biden, But Completely Falls Short

( It’s hard to imagine anybody in the country right now defending President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. With more than a dozen American marines dead and countless other allies killed, the withdrawal is likely to go down in history as one of the worst – if not the worst – withdrawals orchestrated by the U.S. federal government ever.

But somehow, CNN managed to find someone who thinks President Biden is doing a good job.

Matthew Dowd, a left-wing political commentator, appeared on CNN this week to make a gushing case for why President Joe Biden should be congratulated.

In the segment, which you can watch in the clip below, you’ll hear Dowd start by completely dismissing the dramatic drop in Biden’s approval ratings. Multiple polls have shown Biden with an approval rating as low as 41%, but Dowd doesn’t seem to think it doesn’t matter. Instead, he called it a “small drift” and blamed it on the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans who are simply “taking it out” on Biden.

Delusional or what?

When he was asked whether he thinks Biden is making the right decisions in Afghanistan, he insisted that he has supported Biden on the withdrawal “from the very beginning” and that he has done an “extremely good job.”


On Thursday, ISIS-K terrorists used suicide bombers to kill 13 American marines. A number of British citizens were also confirmed dead after the blasts.

This could have been avoided if U.S. troops were withdrawn only after all American citizens and allies were evacuated from Afghanistan first. That did not, however, seem to cross Biden’s mind before deciding to initiate a full withdrawal.

Nice job, President Biden.