CNBC Lied About Hospitalizations To Argue For Stricter Lockdowns

( We know by now the CNBC is willing to mislead its viewers to advance a political agenda. It was done relentlessly through the Trump administration, from the Russia hoax to the two failed impeachment attempts, but isn’t it particularly incredible that the outlet is willing to peddle untruths that could impact public health?

An article written by Holly Ellyatt and published by CNBC attempted to blame those who don’t wear masks for causing a spike in COVID hospitalizations recently. She claimed that both hospitalizations and deaths have been “steadily increasing since the summer when Covid restrictions in England were lifted on July 19.”

Which isn’t true.

The data actually shows – as proven by economist Andrew Lilico – that hospitalizations have flatlined. They haven’t really gone down.

Okay, so that’s one lie.

Another lie in the piece says that the situation is looking drastically different in the UK now that they are recording roughly 50,000 new COVID cases each day, which is one of the worst daily infection rates in the world. The truth, however, is that the rise in cases appears to be a result of schoolchildren – and not that they are spreading the virus, but because they are being tested so regularly and bumping up the numbers artificially.

So as soon as the children go back to school, tests increase, positive results increase, and now the media is trying to ramp up rhetoric about the need for lockdowns.

Lilico tweeted that is cases are rising from 25,000 per day to 35,000 per day, and hospitalizations are going up from 550 to 750 per day, with half of the infection numbers coming from children, is a reason for imposing new restrictions…there “seems to be little point in analyzing data anymore.”


The media is obsessed with painting the worst possible picture, and in turn, promoting lockdowns.

Why is that?