Clarence Thomas’ Wife Pushed For State Reversal In 2020 Election For Trump

( The ongoing coordinated attacks to force Justice Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court by using his wife Ginni just won’t stop. And the latest hit-job against Ginni Thomas comes courtesy of the Washington Post.

The WaPo obtained two emails Ginni Thomas sent to a couple of Arizona state lawmakers arguing that the state’s legislature needed to intervene to do something about voter fraud. In emails sent after Joe Biden was declared the winner, Thomas told the Arizona lawmakers to “stand strong in the face of political and media pressure.” She reminded them that choosing state electors was their responsibility and it was in their power “to fight back against fraud.”

Yeah? And?

So what?

Does Virigina Thomas not have the same right as any other American to petition elected officials?

But to the Washington Post, these two emails are “proof” that Ginni Thomas “was more deeply involved in the effort to overturn Biden’s win than has been previously reported.”

Oh, for crying out loud. Way to oversell it, WaPo.

Then the Post gets to the nub of it, claiming that Ginni Thomas’s “actions” raise the concern over Justice Thomas’s “potential conflicts of interests.”

His wife sent two online form emails to two Arizona state lawmakers. That’s it. How does that have anything to do with her husband?

But see, here’s the thing.

The same radicals responsible for forcing Justice Stephen Breyer into retirement have now set their sights on Justice Clarence Thomas. And the Washington Post is more than happy to advance the narrative to help these radicals achieve their goal.

It’s all noise. And it’s all nonsense.

Justice Thomas isn’t going to recuse himself from election challenges. And he certainly isn’t going to be bullied into retirement by the same activist press that tried to bully him during his confirmation hearings.

The Washington Post is overselling Ginni Thomas’ so-called “sins” while underestimating her husband.