CIA Insider Announces Bid To Oust House Member

( Rep. Elise Stefanik, the third-ranking House Republican who assumed controversial neo-con Rep. Liz Cheney’s position earlier this year, is facing a campaign from a former CIA officer to replace her in 2022.

Democrat Matt Castelli announced his intention to run against Stefanik, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, in a video published online. In the clip, he bizarrely claims that Stefanik betrayed her oath to protect the American people and the Constitution during the January 6 Washington, D.C. protests that saw left-wing and right-wing protesters storm the Capitol Building.

Implying that the events constituted a terror attack, the former CIA officer claimed that she “violated her oath that day and in the weeks and months that followed.”

He provided no evidence for his bizarre claims.

But then again, Democrats never do, and it never seems to matter much to them.

The video prompted some odd responses, too. One account, named “Democracy loving girl,” claimed that Castelli “supports democracy instead of fascism & corruption,” but didn’t provide any evidence that Stefanik supports fascism or corruption.

In fact, does anyone have any evidence at all that a single Republican in the House supports fascism, given that the principles of the Republican Party are the fundamental opposites of those of fascists?


It just goes to show how Democrats can say anything and brainwashed supporters will parrot it.

Stefanik has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2015. She defended former President Donald Trump during the impeachment proceedings earlier this year, which ultimately failed to prove that he endorsed violence on January 6.

And for some reason, standing up for the truth means she is “violating her oath.”

Castelli, in a divisive attack, claimed that Stefanik is trying to divide America for “her own personal gain,” again without providing any evidence.

Mr. Castelli: making baseless claims is more divisive than defending a president who was wrongly accused of inciting a violent insurrection.