Chuck Schumer Tees Up Vote On Sickening Agenda

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dream of establishing a January 6 Commission to investigate the “truth” behind the Washington, D.C., riots might soon come true. At least, if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gets his way.

The controversial Democratic senator made moves on Tuesday to prepare a vote in the Senate on legislation that was already passed in the House, thanks to support from 35 establishment Republicans. However, as it stands, the Democrats don’t have support from ten Republican Senators required to hit the 60-vote requirement to avoid a filibuster.

So far, only Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney has confirmed that he plans to vote for the bill which would establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the riot. The bill would establish a ten-person commission with five Republicans and five Democrats. It has been pitched by House Speaker Pelosi as a partisan effort to find the “truth” but was slammed by Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio as a “partisan weapon.”

Rubio insisted that it is not designed to produce a “serious inquiry” and confirmed that he would vote “no “ when it comes to the Senate.

Currently, there is no clear path for Schumer to get the legislation passed in the Senate. He said on Tuesday night that “we all know” that the commission is urgent and necessary – which it isn’t – and that “we have to get it passed.”

He said that every member of the Senate would have to decide if they were on the side of “truth and accountability” or on the side of “Donald Trump and the big lie.”

Note his pointed use of language there. There is no “big lie” and audits are taking place to prove it. Data analyst Matt Braynard and several others have already proven that votes were cast in the last election using fake addresses – and done so in large enough numbers that it could have impacted the result of the election.

Maybe that’s why the Democrats are so obsessed with establishing a commission to smear the former president and Republicans some more.

Let’s see what happens when this insane bill makes it to the Senate.