Christ Cuomo And Don Lemon Say BLM Riots Are Justified

(PatrioticPost)- Left-wing “news” anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo shrugged off arson and violence committed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa on Tuesday night, saying on CNN that they believed the riots of 2020 were justified.

The shocking comments came in response to the scenes on Capitol Hill on January 6, when a small contingent of protesters stormed the Capitol Building. Several people died in the violent unrest.

“Overturning the election is different than being p*ssed off about being shot by cops,” Chris Cuomo said to immigration official Ken Cuccinelli who called him our for his refusal to condemn the Black Lives Matter riots.

It proved Cuomo’s ignorance, or his purposeful attempts to misrepresent the truth, as the Black Lives Matter riots were based on bad data. There is no evidence that police officers treat black suspects any differently than white suspects on a “systemic” basis, and yet the Democrats and left-wing media ran with it.

And in terms of the election, the misconduct and fraud that took place in several battleground states is well-documented. Arrests even took place recently in Texas, where election fraudster Rachel Rodriguez was arrested for assisting people to vote by mail, voting illegally, and engaging in election fraud.

Following the segment with Cuccinelli, Cuomo spoke to his best pal Don Lemon, where they smeared Trump supporters and defending violence, arson, and rioting in the name of far-left causes.

What does it tell you when Republican Senators and right-wing media universally oppose and condemn violence committed in the name of President Trump, but Democrats and left-wing media won’t condemn a year of unprecedented violence and rioting in the name of far-left causes?

“That was a very important interview,” Lemon said to Cuomo. “And listen, I’m glad you mentioned about being shot by cops because you cannot compare. And I’m sick of people comparing. You can’t compare what happened this summer to what happened at the Capitol. It’s two different things.”

They’re two different things alright, Don. One lasted a few hours and was widely condemned by Republicans. The other lasted an entire year, caused billions of dollars of damage, and was not widely condemned by Democrats.

“One is built on people, on racial justice, on criminal justice, right, on reform, on police not beating up or police treating people of color differently than they do whites. Okay? That is not a lie,” Lemon lied.

Do we need any more evidence that CNN doesn’t care about the truth?