Chris Wallace Freaks Out After Learning Cloth Masks Are Worthless

( Last Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Dr. Ashish Jha the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health. And during the interview, Wallace said he had read several reports that say cloth masks aren’t effective against COVID. He asked Dr. Jha if what those reports say is true.

Dr. Jha told Wallace they were true. Cloth masks are not effective. Jha explained that cloth masks, like the kind Wallace said he wears, may only be ten to twenty percent effective against the delta variant of COVID.

Wallace was stunned. After an incredulous laugh of disbelief, Wallace said, “So you’re saying this mask I’ve been wearing for a year isn’t really protecting me very much?”

Dr. Jha said that, with the delta variant, Wallace probably needs to upgrade his mask.

Watch HERE.

Last week a study conducted for the National Institute of Health looked into the effects of mask mandates on hospital resource consumption and mortality at the county level. And it concluded that there was no reduction in “per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, or ventilator occupancy” related to COVID-positive patients that could be attributed to the implementation of a mask mandate.

In other words, requiring masks had no effect on the reduction of hospitalization or death. In fact, even with the implementation of a mask order, COVID cases continued to climb.

The researchers also pointed out that among medical experts, there is a consensus for mask mandates “despite the lack of strong evidence” that they actually make a difference.

On Thursday, President Biden is scheduled to offer his “plan” to “stop the delta variant.”

During Wednesday’s press briefing, CBS White House reporter Weijia Jang asked Jen Psaki whether this new plan would affect Americans’ “day-to-day lives.”

Psaki, with a bit of a grin, said it would depend on whether or not they are vaccinated.

Mandates are returning in full force, despite the fact that there is no evidence “mitigation efforts” like mask-wearing make any difference. And the man who campaigned on the promise that he wouldn’t shut down the country or the economy, “I will shut down the virus,” is once again ramping up efforts to shut things down.

This has never been about “following the science.”