Chris Christie Says He’s A “Target” of Donald Trump

( Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he is the latest target of former President Trump’s attacks for suggesting that Trump was so toxic that “old” and “boring” Joe Biden defeated him in 2020.

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” last Sunday, Christie told host Jon Karl that Joe Biden didn’t win the presidency so much as Donald Trump lost it. He said Biden continues to act as if he ran a great campaign and that is why he won in 2020. But, in reality, Biden was running against a candidate “who was so toxic” that, despite being old and boring, Biden “won anyway.”

When asked by Jon Karl if he thought Trump could beat Biden in 2024, Christie bluntly said, “I don’t think so.”

An irate Donald Trump took to Truth Social to attack Christie over his comments.

Calling the former New Jersey governor “sloppy,” Trump said Christie spent most of his final year in office campaigning for president in 2016. He mocked Christie, claiming he left office with a 9 percent approval rating and calling his 2016 presidential campaign “a complete disaster.”

Trump then boasted that after the “complete disaster” dropped out of the 2016 race, he quickly endorsed Trump for president.

Trump also noted that it was Chris Christie who recommended Christopher Wray for FBI director, asking “how did that work out?”

The former president also claimed that Christie “went down in flames” only to be “SALVAGED by ABC FAKE NEWS,” adding “I never wanted him!”

In response to Trump’s Truth meltdown, the former New Jersey governor said on Twitter that he is the latest “target of Donald Trump’s new tantrum.” Christie tweeted that none of the lies Trump said about him ever bothered Trump “when he asked me to prep him for every general election debate” or when Trump “offered me 3 different cabinet posts.”

Christie closed by twisting the knife in, adding that Donald Trump is “the only man to lose to Biden outside Delaware. That loss to Joe still stings.”