Chris Christie Calls Trump ‘Liar and a Coward’

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), who is running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, strongly criticized former President Donald Trump. Christie referred to Trump’s recent claim of being indicted for the sake of other Republicans as a “lie” and called him a “coward.” 

At a campaign rally, Trump had made the statement, asserting that being indicted by the “radical left Democrats, Marxists, Communists, and Fascists” was an honor and an act of courage, as he was supposedly taking the heat for his supporters.

When asked about Trump’s remarks by anchor Jake Tapper, Christie did not mince his words. He dismissed Trump’s assertion, emphasizing that Trump was facing indictment solely due to his misconduct. 

Christie pointed out that none of the other 200 million Americans mentioned by Trump had illegally retained classified national secrets, deceived their lawyers about the whereabouts of those documents, or misled prosecutors about them. 

Furthermore, Trump irresponsibly shared sensitive documents related to an Iranian war plan with unauthorized individuals. Christie emphasized that Trump’s indictment was a consequence of his outrageous behavior.

Christie also doubted Trump’s motives for delaying his trial until after the 2024 election. He argued that Trump’s decision was not driven by concern for the American people but rather a self-serving desire to avoid scrutiny during the campaign. 

Christie stressed the importance of resolving the legal matter before voters went to the polls, urging transparency so that people could make informed decisions about their choice for the Oval Office. 

Christie concluded his remarks by reiterating that Trump’s claims of acting on behalf of others were false and that his handling of sensitive documents revealed his cowardice.

Christie reaffirmed that he had achieved the Republican National Committee’s donor requirement, making him eligible for the upcoming presidential primary debate in Milwaukee. 

He proudly announced that his campaign had garnered “almost 45,000 individual donors” and confidently declared that they would be present on August 23, eagerly awaiting Donald Trump’s participation. 

According to his recent filing with the Federal Election Commission, Christie’s campaign had successfully raised approximately $1.7 million during the second quarter, which concluded on June 30.